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5 years ago

Gigablast in Casa Grande only achieves 500Mbps down

I recently moved here and had Cox Gigablast installed and was excited for the Gigabit internet speeds.  Upon installation, I was only able to get 300Mbps, so I called and they came out to test.  The tech found that the cable from their POP to the house had a terrible signal, so they replaced it.  It is an improvement, although it's only at 500Mbps now.  I have replaced all the inside wiring as of yesterday and Cox came and buried the new cable today, still only able to get 500 Mbps even directly connected to their Panoramic modem from my desktop computer.  What more can I do about this as I am paying for 1Gbps and only getting 500Mbps tops?

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        @Argosyangel, we're really sorry for having made you upset or frustrated, and we're here to help you in any way we can. If you'd like, we can go over any questions or concerns regarding your monthly rate and the amount owed. Please reach out to us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at In reference to the slow speeds, are you on WiFi when experiencing this issue? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    I hate to tell you but you will NEVER get it fixed. This company outright lies. They are seriously a huge scam and little several times on BBB. I have had cox, they refused to disconnect my service when my promotion ended. A month later when I got billed after telling them I was not paying a penny more so he better disconnect it. I received a bill. I called back and I told them I was recording too. I always record every conversation with these people. You will need it one day. The man told me 8.36 I need to close my account. I paid it. Month later o received another bill for 77.00. I disputed it when it went to my credit and sent the recording of the man telling me my account was paid in full with 8.36 and it was done. They took it off my credit. Then they turned around and put it back on for 94.00, lol. These people are crazy and I am going to have to go to court and sue them. My daughter got service with them because it was the only internet service available and same problem, no service half the time even though it goes over the internet cap that started after we signed up. They have came out multiple times, it never fixes it. I get little as 10 on test. It’s constantly jumping, very good, good, fair. They told me it was my expensive router. I finally after arguing with them brought it back and cost me 30.00 for a new protection plan. Get home, lagging worse than before and I upgraded my box to a more powerful one. I am so pissed. They are constantly costing me money. My son wants me to up the plan because he can’t play his games. I refuse because this should be good enough if it was a working company. Cox just ** now period. I am seriously fixing to change to AT&T even though I know they sick too because I refuse to pay cox anymore money. Also good luck with chat online, they are a bunch of little punks. Cox has horrible reviews all over the internet. 

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    There are several reasons one might not get 1gbps on their connection. I also have Gigablast and get 950 most of the time.  Methods of speed tests on high-end connections matter.  I don't use cause it seems to give lower speeds. Try using multiple speed test sites.  I use and seems pretty good for my area.

    Older computers (even if they have gigabit ethernet ports) can cap their CPU on fast data transfers which can limit speeds your particular computer can reach.  This is more notable on any non i3/5/7 series of intel or non ryzan 3/5/7 cpu for AMD. If you're not running a current gen of cpu you "may" not be able to achieve full 1gpbs speeds (download).

    If you're using your own router (especially the nighthawk Netgear routers) they have a bad habit of not getting 1gbps, you can try to unplug the router and plug directly in your modem (and then reboot to get your pc a valid ip). You'd be surprised with how many routers advertise gigabit but don't sport the hardware to actually get you those speeds.

    Also as a final note, you will not get gigabit on wifi AC speeds, so if you're not on a wired connection, don't expect to get the full gigabit speeds because that's a technology limitations.