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4 years ago

Gigablast “gateway box” cant be found, help?!

I have been trying to set up my gigablaster all day, I tried calling and tech support said the only way it could be fixed is if someone comes and fixes my fiber box. But this morning it worked on my previous modem before I upgraded, so I’m not sure what I do now. The scheduled me for the earliest tech visit, which is April, 9th between 3-5 P.M., but I’m in grad school so I need internet immediately. Is there anything I can do at home before they come?

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    I'm unsure of your setup.

    What's built-in above the microwave oven?  (Although optical, this is an odd place to put anything electronic.)

    What's the make and model of this gigablaster?

    Where did you get this fiber box?

    What specifically worked with your previous modem?

    What's the make and model of your previous modem?