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4 years ago

Gigabit package getting 50 down

I've had gigabit for a while and have never seen above 50MB down. Previously had panoramic modem but swapped to my Netgear CM1000 with ASUS RT-AC86U. Modem used to disconnect once an hour, had a tech come out, now it will disconnect less frequently however the speeds are still at ~50 MB down.

Modem is connected to coax line that runs to the line in from the street. No splitter being used, the coax line from the street goes to a grounding block and then the coax line to the modem. Tests taken on CAT6 ethernet connected directly to the router.

Any help or suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!

Cable Modem Properties:

Cable Modem Logs:

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    Do a speed test directly connected to the WAN port of the modem.  Could you post an image of your speed tests?

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        Although the test site provides megabytes, speed (connection) is normally expressed in megabits (Mbps).  Storage (drive, file size) is expressed in megabytes (MB).

        If you have a DOCSIS, your upload speed is okay.  Your download speed is probably 40% of your gigabit expectations.

        Is this speed test the result of connecting your device directly to the DOCSIS?