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Getting "suspicious activity" message again from Cox

As what happened about a year ago. I again received the "We've detected suspicious activity on your email account" message and said I should reset my password. When I called Cox, there was a special link in the phone menu to handle this message so I am not the only one getting this. It appears that this message is going out in error which is what happened a year ago. Can someone from Cox confirm this?


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  • Hi Johnptd, when you called, did the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) message state that the notifications were sent in error? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      No. When I selected the phone link for the email issue, It sent me direct to a tech person. Later on in the evening access to my primary account was disabled and I had to get a temp password from a tech person to get back in. Unfortunately I did not properly read the email which said I would lose access after 24 hours. Since I am not the only one, this must be something Cox was doing en mass once a year or so customer-wide. Apparently the Tech people were not even aware of it.

       I still would like to know what the "suspicious activity" is so I can avoid it if possible. I can flip between the multiple accounts I have. I don't know if that has an effect on it or not. I only use the primary account for communications to and from Cox, not to anyone else, so it is picking up on something I am doing. I only use webmail to go in and add filters to allow email that Cox is blocking in error or to add SPAM blocking filters that Cox is missing.


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    I had received the same email a week ago. I did log into my account and changed my password.  Now a week later I received a text message with the same request except it also asked me to contact them via text to talk to an agent.  Would like to know if there is actual suspicious activity or is someone attempting to get information using Cox.  Please advise.  I do not want to update my password weekly. 

  • I have been going through this with Cox for over a year.  I have no malware on my computer, everything is clean but someone has hijacked my email address and is using it.  When people respond to COX that it is spam they shut off my email and I have to go in and redo my password.  It was happening every couple of weeks.  Now it is happening every other day.  I have to reset my password constantly.  I have probably spent 100 hours on the phone with COX over the last year trying to get this resolved.  They KNOW I am not sending out spam, the emails to not come off their servers, but they continue to shut down my account and NOBODY in Cox can seem to fix it.  I am ready to blow my brains out because someone inside of Cox cannot just flick a switch and turn off the setting that disables my account.  I have been told by many reps at Cox that they are basically trying to get out of the email business.  The problem is everything in my life for the past 25 years is on this email address.  I am sure that they are trying to force me to stop using this email by doing this to me.  Nobody can help me... NOBODY CARES.  Cox is EVIL.  

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      Hello, we are immensely sorry for having made you feel angry or upset. Cox has no plans to discontinue the email/webmail platform for existing customers at this time. The safety and security of customer privacy information are extremely important to us, and these notifications we send out are done so an extra precaution. This case has been escalated to another level of support, and we will be closely monitoring this activity here in Social Media. When we receive additional information regarding this escalation, we will follow up with you. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    when you change the password you also need to change it on all devices that access cox, both wired & wireless.

    if any devices are on, repeated attempts to logon with old pw will be seen as suspicious activity.

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      Hello @johnptd..........I post this message not as an expert; but as one who went through the same misery you are going through. My nightmare lasted three weeks. During that 3 weeks I was angry at every employee who worked for COX. (Follow the discussion here: even got down to the point where I accused them of intentionally harassing me with emails telling me to change my password......and then finally, I could not send emails. For three weeks I fought and fought and fought with COX people . I swore my machine was clean. I had no "bad files etc" on my laptop.......Heck no, After all,  had a MAC.......Well, I downloaded Malwarebytes and Clean My Mac. Then I ran a scan on both.......Wait for it now.....drum roll.....Both .those programs identified two "bad apples" on my laptop.

      I eliminated those "apples", changed my password.....................And voila !!!!! problem solved , my email program was up and running.................. Then, I wrote the apologies to COX employees;

      Here is what I learned...............COX can fix the problem if the "glitch" in in their system. They can't fix it if the "glitch" is in the users computer.

      Again please realize that I send this message only to give you the story of my situation in hopes that it might help you