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3 years ago

gaming ping and latency problems

I am constantly having ping and latency problems (mostly latency). My internet connection is wired and I receive higher speeds than what I pay for (my plan is 500gb down and 10 up). I used to do a lot of online gaming but unfortunately every game I play online my connection goes to shreds. I have called numerous technicians over the years but still have the same issues. I run regular speeds tests and everything looks better than ever, but when I play any online games it does not translate. I this point I have accepted my fate that no matter what I do, I will always lag. 

Is there any way to fix this issue? I first thought it was my PC because of its age, but I recently built my first PC and still continue with this issue. I am also wired to my router and nothing seems to change. 

I also downloaded the new application Elite Gamer from Cox and still, nothing changes. I also feel that specs from the Elite Gamer comparison are inflated. The ping and latency boost they're improving doesn't seem to be true.

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    Just out of curiosity, where are you located? 

    I ask because i've been going through something similar for about a year now.

    Long story short, the problem isn't fixed. They mentioned an upcoming upgrade in my area in January which should fix the issue. They even admitted that the node in my neighborhood are over utilize. They pretty much said F-me and wait until January because otherwise they won't do anything about it. 

    But, they sure will be quick to blame your hardware, network configurations and devices if you call them or deal with someone here. I'd recommend filing an FCC complaint just to get a record of it. 

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      Hi, I am located in San Diego, CA. 

      I was also told that the Internet was overused due to the pandemic and everyone telecommuting, a year later I am still having the same problem. I was then told that the lines in my home that support Internet connection are very old and have ingressions. They installed a newer line to my home that is now wired to my router. Yet no changes.

      Thank you, I will look into filing with the FCC.