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4 years ago

Game Lag

Hello all,

Currently, I am subscribed to Cox Gigablast, am located in VA, and have a SB8200 modem and NETGEAR Nighthawk XR500 router.  I am still getting consistent lag whenever I play online games despite using all the QoS features in my router.  Has anyone and this issue and been able to correct it?  I have high priority traffic, bandwidth allocation, a geo filter, and anti-bufferbloat features and still get consistent lag every day of the week.  I appreciate everyone's help in advance!  Let me know if you guys need any more data that I am seeing!


P.S.  Due to having my own router/modem, all of my cable boxes are hard wired.  This rules out streaming while gaming being a potential issue (which shouldn't even happen with Gigablast in the first place).  Also, I would like to note I have had 3 separate service visits and every tech told me the lines/switches on my block were healthy and not causing any interference.

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    hell im lucky to even be able to load into a match,cox in my area are blocking all direct connecting on all ports making port forwarding impossible. ill load into destiny to and empty tower not even NPC's will load in 90% of the time, have spent the past week on the phone and live chat with them,the people they have working for there support have no clue what they are doing and even there level 2 had no idea what port forwarding even was...its kinda pitiful.

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      I have had the same results.  Tier 2 support did not do anything at all.  Thought I was going to get somewhere there...