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5 years ago

Frequent short-term disconnects since October 2019.


Returned home from vacation early October. Telco had replaced pole in my yard and left everything disconnected. Cox tech came to fix, but when he (we) got there a contractor had reconnected the coax.

Since then, I've done all of the recommended homeowner things to troubleshoot; check connections, ground, reboots, I bought new modem, upgraded to gigablast, upgraded router firmware, etc.

None of this works.

I need a technician to check the integrity of the spliced connection and check to see if our node is oversubscribed. I can later (at work now) post modem logs to show the T3 and various critical error messages.

Please email me to schedule a truck roll.

When I call the local store and press "3" for tech support I always get a fast busy, indicating there's no go there.



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    We like to take a closer look at the signal levels please email your full-service address, full name, and include this thread so we can work towards a resolution. Email your information to

    Jonathan J
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