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12 months ago

Firmware update request

Good evening, requesting a Cox Tier 2 support rep to verify I have the most current firmware update for my ARRIS s33 modem please. I just upgraded from the 1 gb to 2gb speed tier and just want to make sure I have everything I need firmware wise uploaded to my modem so I am getting the best possible speed. Thanks!

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    This is a user helping user forum. If you want Tier 2, call up and ask for them or email Cox at

    As for your firmware, it should be the same between the two services. What firmware are you running now? Finally is it a S33v1 or S33v2? I think the hardware version should be printed somewhere on the unit.

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    Tier 2 isn't going to be able to do anything. They no longer have the ability to update firmware, even before I retired, in 2021. Firmware is handled by docsys engineering, they would have polled your device when it went online and take care of the latest approved firmware, (Which may NOT be the latest firmware available, since it may not be approved). If an upgraded firmware gets approved for your modem, docsys engineering will push it out