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4 years ago

Extremely bad packet loss and service outages

For the last two weeks, Cox has constantly been going out in my area in the evenings and remaining out for a few hours. For the record, my Zip code is 23702 in Portsmouth, Virginia. Tonight it was so bad I was actually disconnected from Apps like discord, my game, and could not even buffer any videos. The last time I encountered this issue it was advised I upgrade my modem which I have, to a DOCSIS 3.1 Motorola MB8600, and this has not helped the problem at all. This time I have not come empty handed though. I ran WinMTR for a while, while this issue was occuring so badly and have the following information to share with you. As I type this, even attempting to upload evidence is a real pain because the connection is so horrible. I even got disconnected from this forum while I was attempting to post this.

The problem seems to begin at Hop 2? I do not know what refers to but everything passes through my network just fine it seems.

I also have my Modem Signals page for reference.

I cannot decipher any of this and though the service outages have been recent, the packet loss, high ping, and other issues have been happening for months now and it started happening out of the blue one day even before Covid. Tonight has been the worst night all year though, bar none. Looking at this can anyone tell me what's going on or what the most likely culprit is?

Edit: Here is an imgur album with pictures of the house's wiring outside -


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