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4 years ago

Excessive Data Usage

I switch to cox 5 days ago from att internet.  With ATT I have a data cap of 100GB a month and never went over that amount.  It is only me in my household.  I work from home, I may stream 3 to 4 hours of movies/shows a day on either nexflix or amazon prime.  Absolutely nothing has changed in my internet activities over the past 5 days, yet with cox I have used 128GB of data in 5 days.  There is absolutely no way I am using that much data that quickly.  With ATT my highest usage was about 95GB for the month.  I switched because I did not want to have to worry about going over, and thought that 1TB would allow me to not have to constantly check my data usage, but I find myself more worried now, than when my cap was 100GB with ATT.

There seems to be something seriously wrong with the way COX is measuring my data usage.  Using all of their Tips and calculation tools even suggest I should not have used 128GB of data in 5 days.

Is anyone having excessive data issues?

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    3-4 hours/day is a lot of streaming + hard to believe you could watch att for 30 days, stay under 100g!!

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    I've complained the same for quite some time...and I'm a 20+ year customer of Cox.  It's probably different from ATT.

    I've never exceeded 1000GB until last month...and Cox had issues all month.  We were down as long as 8 hours at times.  There is no way we exceeded 1000GB.  In September we used under 600 GB, October about 800GB  Normally it's about 750-800GB.

    There is no consistency in their monitoring.  Days I expect higher, it's often lower.  Days I expect a lower result, it's higher.  I don't vary my schedule and viewing habits much's just my wife and I.  Sometimes I do so just to see how the monitoring's inconsistent.  All I can say.

    I don't know how Cox measures, but I question the veracity.  Way to inconsistent in it to accept it as accurate.

    The recent "system upgrade" seems to have produced even higher numbers.  Expect worse.

    Good luck.

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      check what dl you're using at netflix, default or hd!