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27 days ago

Exceeded My Data E-mail


Received a Cox E-mail on June 27 saying:

Looks like you've used 110% of your data this billing cycle. Don't worry, we've automatically added data at a cost of $10 per 50 gigabytes to get you through the end of your cycle.

Make sure to click on one of the button belows to view and carefully manage your data through the end of your cycle on June 25, 2024.


Why would they advise me to manage my data 2 days after the end of my cycle? (Beside Cox billing system is messed up again/still).



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  • Hi wrmiles, The Cox Support Forums allow customers to collaborate with each other to resolve issues they may experience. If you need assistance with data usage or have questions about your data usage, please contact us using our Social Media accounts on Facebook or X, CoxHelp. Thank you for your patience and understanding, 

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    The Billing cycle and the Cox data usage cycle are not always in sync.