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3 years ago

Every Thursdays, at he exact moment the garbage collection truck comes in our back alley ( dirt road) to pickup the dumpster, my internet connectivity is lost for up to an hour and then is sporadic for the entire day.

I called COX and 4 different technicians came in the past 30 days and they finally acknowledged that their cable in the back alley was installed underground without conduits : so every time the 10 wheeler compactor garbage truck comes in our back alley it crushes the internet coaxial cable and cuts our connection to the internet. The COX Field Tech told me that they will send a team to dig and install a new cable line with conduits but that it will take 3-5 weeks before they come due to a very busy schedule and city permits needed to dig. Is there anything I can do to accelerate the process of having this cable fixed by COX?

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    If it took 4 techs 1 month to figure it out, accelerating isn't looking very promising.  It'll probably take another 4 employees to figure how to schedule it.  Got a shovel?