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2 years ago

Email transfer before deactivation

I recently cancelled service that was under my wife's name and have restarted service under my name due to personal reasons.     I was told that they would transfer my email account from her account to my new account and it would remain active.      This was approximatley 1 month ago.    I received an email yesterday informing me that my email account would soon be deactivated.    I called support again and asked that it be transferred and kept active and I was told they did so and I would get an email soon confirming.   Instead I got an email that they updated my email notification preferences. 

Is there someone who can help me ensure that my email account is not deactivated?


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    Login to and see what account the email ID is associated with. IF it's showing the current account number that you now have, then it's been moved. If it's showing the OLD account number, then it's not transferred over yet. 

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      it is active under my account, but I received the deactivation email all the same.

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    I thought new subscriptions don't get email accounts.  Since you already had a Cox email account, Cox is probably giving you 30 days to transfer this temp account somewhere else.  This would be my guess.