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5 years ago

email storage limit

I receive an email every few months that I have almost reached my email storage limit.  Each time I go in and delete emails from my account, and yes, I delete them from the trash as well.  I even called Cox a few months ago and spoke to someone who was not able to help me.  I was sent to another tier for help, but that was not successful either.  I've even deleted my entire inbox with absolutely no luck.  Why does this keep happening and why doesn't anyone seem to have an answer for this problem?

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  • YOU NEED TO ABANDON COX WEBMAIL. You will eventually need to *** it up, make a list of everyone like Amazon or eBay you have accounts with, open a Gmail account and dump Cox webmail. It's down to a 2G limit now which is pathetic, and the accounts are constantly down for maintenace and have become super buggy. It's time to change over to Gmail and enter your new Gmail emal address with everyone you know or do business with. Cox obviously no longer wants to maintain or keep their webmail service running. It super ** compared to everything else out there. IT IS HORRIBLE and it's crashed or screwed up more and more often. I cannot use my Cox email right now. It's time to spend some of this Covid19 home lockdown time to change over. Cox's free email was an old sales gimmick that they got tired of so it's been slowly dialed back and forgotten. Storage **, maintenance **, it all **, because it does not make Cox enough money. 

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    Any big messages in your Sent folder or in any Personal folders you created on webmail?