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4 years ago

Email Storage Limit

I received the exceeded your Cox email storage limit message. I reduced down to below 2G.  How do I know when my email service will be restored?

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      How do I check the actual size of my current email storage? All I see is that I am at 100%. It does not show how much over the 2GB that I will need to delete.

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        Hi @Ramz21

        Please log in to your webmail at , once you have done that in the blue menu on the left, under Link External Account, you will see 'Mail Quota' that will show how many MB/GB you have used of your Limit. You can delete emails with large attachments by clicking on 'Sort By' at the top of the inbox over the date/time column. Select 'Size', and that will help you to clear out the larger emails that are using up your limit.

        Ben S.
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