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3 years ago

Ebb system flawed in Pensacola

I tried to apply at but the page reloads. Doesn’t work on an iPad or iPhone. Went into the local retail center and the rep somehow got to the site on my phone. Went all the way to select provider on fcc site which took me to the cox home page. The rep said “that’s it” keep checking your bill and a credit will be posted. 9 days later, a higher up told me they don’t even have the application. I don’t care, just like on SNL when they joked, “ we are the phone company, we don’t care” looking for another provider but I’m sure it will be more of the same technology overbloat and marketing have ruined the online resources we depend on. I’m leaving cox as the other companies are not as anal as cox to get anything done. People matter and technology and Covid ignore people and treat them like numbers or fat wallets.

I won’t miss them.

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