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3 years ago

EBB Question

I too have been "approved" for EBB, yet never received credit. It has been 23 days since receiving an 'approval' notice from Cox. I'm posting here because Cox billing is unable to provide any useful information, so don't tell me to contact billing - I HAVE. 

My billing rep today (Liz) did state that this is a government delay, not a Cox delay. She provided the EBB toll free number, which is useless. The message there states that for 'reimbursement' questions, I need to ask Cox. NOBODY wants to take any responsibility here for the massive turd that is the Emergency Broadband Benefit program. Instead of contacting Senators etc., I suggest starting with the AZ Attorney Generals office. They handle consumer complaints and will take action. Again, I DON'T NEED HELP FROM BILLING, THAT ROUTE HAS BEEN EXHAUSTED. I am not leaving any personal information here either.