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4 years ago

Download speed is very low, Worst customer service as usual

My internet plan was 150Mbps and the download speed I got is 30Mbps maximum. I contacted the customer service and explained my situation. The representative suggested they would send a technician to check my location if there are any issues and they will charge me $75.00 for that visit.
I don't know why should I pay for Cox to do their job and provide a reliable service to the customers.

COX always takes the advantage of customers who don't have an option to switch to other service providers as my community  has only COX as the service provider.

The service is always slow and disgusting

Cox doesn't care about their customers at all.

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    First I would get the cablemodem logs to see what is happening. Your cablemodem will have a web portal to login and check logs.

    I had the same issue on drastic signal loss, They charge 75$ if they come inside the house and have to fix anything. If they do any outside work, they do not.

    I had a bad old line going from cable box to the cox junction box which was losing signal. The tech replaced the entire line and within a week, they came back and buried the cables under the ground.

    My initial thoughts were the same as yours, but the tech was awesome, they came on time and fixed the issue in no time. You never know you might have a bad line like I did.

    Hope this helps.