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DOCIS 3.1 Voice Modem Charge

I currently have the Cox Gigablast internet + phone service (no TV). I also have a Cox Panoramic WiFi modem/router.

I am in the process of purchasing a WiFi 6, Tri-Band router to replace the Panoramic router. My question, then, is: Will Cox charge me a monthly fee for a DOCIS 3.1 data/voice modem (TM3402?) if I return the Panoramic WiFi that I am currently renting, since I will no longer need its WiFi component.?


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    No charge.  If Cox requires equipment for landline service, Cox must freely loan the equipment to you.  Just don't lose it or...cha-ching!

    The Solution Store will issue a standalone telephone modem (eMTA) or if the Solution Store doesn't have an eMTA, they'll probably freely loan the Pano but provision as telephone-only.

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      No cox does not allow customers to own the phone modem they loan it free or rent the panoramic you have

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      Thanks to Bruce, Wider, and Andrew for very helpful replies.  Happy New Year!