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5 years ago

Did I just got my signal split and lost service?

Got home to no service and no outage issued. I live in an apartment complex, 8 homes per building. Have had the service for over a year now, internet only. I used to install cable/internet for Cox and Comcast when I worked for a subcontractor, so I know how it works.

When I log into the modem I have a signal of -24.1 dBmV and it just locks a single downstream, never locks an upstream and starts again looking after 30 secs.

I think someone got new services and my line got split instead of their line being used. I'm having a tech come tomorrow and I sure hope they dont try to bill me the visit.

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    For help with your personal account, you should contact and provide your full name and your full service address.  But, you've already scheduled a tech visit so there's no need to do that now.  If you're charged for a visit you believe is an error, you should contact Cox about that.