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3 years ago

Daily Internet/Phone Outage in Metairie Louisiana Zip Code 70002

For over 1-week now, I have experienced a daily Internet/Phone outage in the 4000 block of Neyrey Drive in Metairie, Louisiana zip code 70002.

The outage occurs at exactly 7:10am and lasts for about 15-minutes. Since I have to work from home now due to covid, this daily morning outage is very disruptive, since I rely on having an Internet connection to work from home.

My cable modem is an Arris TM3402A, which is D3.1 rated.

I've called Cox 5 different days when the outage occurred, and after wasting some time on their automated system before I talk to someone, they say "I see that there is an outage in your area and we are working to restore service". That basically means that other people besides me have also reported the outage. I question how can this happen everyday at exactly the same time for so many days in a row, and of course they cannot answer. They try to console me by offering to send a text message to my cell phone when service is restored. That text message arrives more than an hour after service is restored and is useless.

Has anyone else experienced a daily outage like this occurring at the same time everyday? What could cause a time synchronized daily outage?

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    Update. It is 11-days in a row now that I have experienced an Internet outage or multiple Internet outages. I am also now experiencing TV outages in the evenings.

    For the first 8-days, the outage occurred at approximately 7:10am.

    For the last 3-days, the outage has occurred at approximately 10:30am. I am also experiencing outages in the afternoons and evenings for the past 3-days, so things are getting worse, not better.

    I've called Cox at least 7-times now, and I also e-mailed them. They always say they are aware of the problem and their engineers are working on it.

    The latest message on the Cox phone app says that high Internet traffic due to Covid-19 is causing the speed and connectivity issues. This does not make any sense. People have been working from home for over 1-year now due to Covid-19, and just now they are having problems?