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3 months ago

CoxWiFi Hotspot Outage

The CoxWiFi near my location (1007 W 1st St, Tempe, AZ) is currently non-functional. I have used it frequently over the past month, now I cannot connect to it from any device. Specifically, the CoxWiFi hotspot shows up, but it will get stuck connecting, and no captive portal sign-in page will popup (and attempting to force it, for example, by visiting also does not work). I have already attempted to forget the network and reconnect multiple times over the past several days, but to no avail.

I found others with similar issues on this forum who had luck posting their problem; I hope a solution can be reached. 🙂


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  • Hi Nick999, since the 1007 W 1st St, Tempe, AZ address isn't listed at, the Hotspot you were using is most likely a Cox Panoramic Wifi customer broadcasting a CoxWifi Hotspot from their gateway. If a CoxWifi Hotspot is still showing as an available network, I'm not sure why you can't connect to it. However, since this CoxWifi Hotspot isn't one hosted by a Cox or a Cox Business customer, there isn't anything we can do on our end in terms of troubleshooting. Residential customers have the choice of enabling or disabling their CoxWifi Hotspot. I'm sorry! 

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    First off I think you are actually connecting  to the wifi hotspot at -

    242 BECK AVE
    STE 173
    Tempe, AZ 85281

    You can find this information at

    Not tot he meat of the matter, you will have to call in, and request escalation to someone in the Cox WiFi Hotspot department, for direct assistance. 

    Now for the bad news. they have to receive at minimum 2 complaints on a specific hotspot to be able to sent in a tkt on it.