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    Hi @Szogye

    I know how important it is for you to get connected to the CoxWifi Hotspot. I checked the map and there are no hotspots at BLDG B15.
    Ben S.
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      In the original post, OP wrote "near" 4001 E Broadway Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85040.  (No building number)

      In the original post, Dustin replied there are a couple "close" to 4001 BROADWAY RD, BLDG B 15, Phoenix, AZ 85040.  (No specific Hotspot)

      In the original post, OP requested whichever was closest to B 14.

      In this post, OP has same issue, so whichever is closest to B 14...or whichever is offline...or whichever has been problematic because from the 2 posts, there have been 3 requests to reset the 1 closest to B 14..

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        You are correct, thank you very much for clarifying.


        Based on the map, it must by either 4001 BROADWAY RD, BLDG B-12 or B-17

        It must have been removed from B15 since the last post...

        Could you please reset these?

        Thank you,