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2 years ago

COX, what is going on with webmail??

Honestly, it's bad enough email essentially ended FOUR years ago for anyone not grandfathered in, not to mention having all the ads forced on us, the people that PAY for this service each and every month.  Now it's barely working, for nearly 3 days straight.  "Barely" is being incredibly gracious, by the way.  

Will this be fixed, or will it just collapse in the very near future, followed by CODX washing their hands of email, entirely??

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    It's not just you. Seems Webmail is going through a transition to a new platform and some people are having issues. Do you notice the word "legacy" in the web address of webmail when you try to login?

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      I definitely noticed "legacy" in the URL, and also assumed most of not all people using webmail are having these issues, not just me.