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14 days ago

Cox .ucks

Why, really why can Cox not get their .hit together and get these  outages under control.  Holiday weekend and no WiFi which means no tv ( because I “upgraded” to their new wireless mini boxes, no internet.  I will seriously look to another means if this continues and will be reaching out for credits to my account. 

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    was the internet out, or just WiFi connectivity?

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      WiFi, but that affects everything we have, tv and all devices.  They all run on WiFi.  Cox had a notification on their app that there was an outage in their area.   When I tried to chat with them to get some small token of a credit, their chat did not work.   

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        Himgrucky, Feel free to reach out to the Social Media Team using our Facebook, or Twitter account, CoxHelp. The Social Media Team is online 24/7. Thank you,