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5 months ago

cox too over price for all this head and have rude employees

 I have outage all the time don't get credit for it call to fix the problem. they told me i need a new modem and that didn't help.. I hoping I can find a next company in my area that I can use

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    What modem do you have? are you using wired or WiFi? How about some info, as this is a forum for customers to assist one another. if all you are is here to kvetch, you are in the wrong place. 

    Also, is English your second language? Some of what you posted didn't make sense.

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    I've had the same problem. For years. Yet I stick with it cuz it's the only ISP that gives a gig speed to my house. My internet goes out at, 10am everyday. And comes back around 7pm every night. Techs have come out and have found nothing. One tech even told me I needed to upgrade my modem. So I spent $900 on a new one and still having the same problems. Then they charged me for the tech visit. Even though the tech said he would not charge me for the visit. Cox support doesn't help at all either. They just ask me to do basic troubleshooting. Yes it is plugged in and turned on. 

  • Hi Ricardocarty and LowAnimal, my family gets aggravated and frustrated when experiencing connection issues, too. I value your business and want to provide you with reliable internet! Scheduling a service call is definitely a great first step. If the issue continues after a service call, we need to know that. Intermittent issues are challenging to troubleshoot, and it may take more than one visit. We're always happy to credit for time without service when we've been aware of the issue and we're working to resolve it. I certainly don't want to lose your business without doing everything possible! I want your internet to be as reliable as I expect my own when I go home. For individual account issues, please email my team at

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      Like I said, it's been happening for years. Despite tech visits. Despite me calling Cox and having them tell me to call Netgear. And having Netgear tell me to call Cox and have them change the power levels or whatever to my modem. Nothing has been able to help me. Some techs even refused to look at the poles in the alley. One tech said he would be back and never returned. Yet I still pay for the service cuz it's the only ISP available to me. It's very frustrating.

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        You've truly been through a great deal, LowAnimal, and I understand how it might feel hopeless. I'm not convinced, however! I would still like an opportunity to investigate what's happening. If you change your mind, please email my team at