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5 months ago

Cox Support Chat

Live Chat could really use some upgrading. I have a vacation home in AZ and visit a few months a year - start and stop, no contract, internet service each visit for several years. Recently stopped service via Support Chat - what a challenge. Seems like an easy process (NOT) - have own equipment, have all necessary info ready, etc. (been through the process many times). I'm sure it depends on whom ever I connect with, but GEEEEZZZZ - should be much easier to start/stop service. Customer Service / Competency goes a long way for a happy client (assuming that's the goal) - might suggest reviewing staff (or outsource if applicable). BTW - saved transcript which required over an hour of back & forth / repeating request / circumstance multiple times . . . I'll just call next time. Would be great to be able to do entire process online through control panel - if payment can be collected, seems this service could exist with a verified account - save a tremendous amount of time, frustration, and resources.

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    Are you sure you were in a chat session with a person?  Cox chat (Oliver) is usually a bot unless you type Live Agent.  Either way, your best chance at help is to contact


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      Of course it was live - wouldn't have been able to stop service with bot (Oliver).

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        I hear even the "live agents" are sometimes outsourced or at least not very good at their jobs. Calling can be a pain too having to deal with Tier 1 who are more focused on upselling you(because their management pressures them to do so) then they are in helping. +1 for emailing Cox.