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Cox says I used 1,178GB of data in one day.

This evening I got a pop up saying I've gone over my data limit and they were adding 50gb and charging me $10. I immediately checked with my adult daughter to see if she was doing something odd and she wasn't using her computer. I have directv, but just watching streaming, on demand or recording. I was just reading news, twitter, facebook like I do every day. Every half hour or so I would get a new pop up saying I've gone over again. My bill is now $192.00 and I have internet preferred 150.I called tech support and after a 35min wait got a woman who told me directv is sucking up data and is notorious for it. She said it is what it is and I obviously don't know what my computers and tv are doing and hung up on me when I couldn't log into an app she had me put on my phone. I opened the modem/router on my browser and could not access the wireless portion of the settings as it kept saying wrong password. I glanced at the modem data and downstream 2 had 81,870  uncorrectable errors. I called tech support again and got a nice man who also could not login to the modem/router. Unplugged it, rebooted and still took several tries before I was able to login. Tech support recommends I get a new modem/router and agrees that 1T usage in one day is insane and the most I've ever used in a month was 600gb. Also confirmed I had gone through 200gb in just 2 hours. He thinks the modem/router is faulty, but cannot correct the charges. How do I go about handling this situation? The billing cycle isn't over till the 2nd and today alone cost $40 in data overage. I'll go to the cox store tomorrow and get a different modem/router and have scheduled a service call to check the outside lines for Thursday. I already pay too much for crappy service, but my husband blew a gasket when he found out the bill is $200 and growing by the minute. How do I convince them to revert the charges. How can I prove I'm not commanding the space station from my home or streaming 10 4k movies at once? Do I drop cox and switch service to dsl after being a customer since it was called @home 30+yrs ago?

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