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4 years ago

HBOMax: Cannot Access using Cox Sign In

I have been trying for seven days to access   

HBOMax says this is a Cox Issue.  Cox says this is an HBOMax issue.  I am able to access, and using Cox as my tv/service provider.  I have chatted and called Cox five times min.  I have chatted with HBOMax three times.  We have all of the premium channels and have used HBOGo in the past without a problem.  Per my Bill below we are paying $5.00 per month for HBOMax and we cannot gain access.

Update 8.6.20:  Sabrina Tier 2 Support will be entering Tier 3 Tech Support and Floor Supervisor ticket for this login issue.

Response from HBOMax Tier 2 Support:

esponse (08/06/2020 10:27 AM)
Hi Kelly,
I'm Alex, from the Specialized Support Team.

Thank you for contacting HBO Max Customer Support.

I understand you are experiencing issues with the sign in credentials associated with your Cox account.
Please contact your service provider for assistance. We do not have access to your account through Cox.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email or call us at 855-4-HBOMAX (855-442-6629). Weโ€™re available 24/7 to help.

Thank you,

Alex F.
HBO MAX Customer Advocate
Specialized Support.


Contour TV



w Cox TV Starter

w Expanded Service

Price protected at $57.49

w Advanced TV Service

w Contour Guide



w Preferred DVR


w Mini Box


w Contour Receiver


w Contour Receiver (qty 2)


w Too Much For TV OnDemand


w Movie Pak (Promo Rate)


     Price protected at $12.00

w Sports & Information Pak (Promo Rate)


     Price protected at $10.00

w Variety Pak (Promo Rate)


     Price protected at $12.00

w HBO Max (Promo Rate)


     Price protected at $16.00

w Cinemax (Promo Rate)


     Price protected at $12.00

w Showtime (Promo Rate)


     Price protected at $12.00

w Starz (Promo Rate)


     Price protected at $12.00

Other Fees and Surcharges  

Broadcast Surcharge


Regional Sports Surcharge


Total TV


  • Hello Nurse Kelly ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have no clue if you have reached your solution and I honestly cant handle reading all the other abusive responses to find out.  I am not sure if I just read them in my head in a nasty tone or if 1/2 the people responding to posts in these forums have confused the site for a platform to show how vast their technical knowledge is and how lacking their social skills are. Sorry, end of rant.  I experienced the same exact problem with just HBO.  My solution was to log in using my husbands Cox log in information because for some reason HBO and COX only communicate about the Primary Account Holder for COX.  I didn't even realize Cox distinguished between my husband and I but apparently they do and their can only be ONE Primary and I guess when we initiated service some 15-20 years ago it was decided he was the Primary.  I tried to change this with Cox as my husband is unfortunately no longer to be an active account participant due to dementia but have been told many times that I can not do so unless I want to give up both his and my cox e-mail address accounts completely and start a brand new customer account with them with me as Primary.  Not even upon my husbands passing can I become primary on the account.  I would have to open new customer account.

    Sorry, TMI - here is a link to some more info on Primary Account Holders:

    Hope this Helps - Good Luck!

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