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5 years ago

Getting messages saying used 90% data

I got an email saying I've used 90% of my data or 920,000 MB, but according to the meter on my router it's shows exactly half that 460,108 MB.  It's set to log upload and download.  I have it set to shut off automatically when it hits 95% of my usage which it has never done, but I still get charged for going over all the time. 

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    You are being scammed. Its that simple. The COX moderators literally cut & paste the same nonsense always falling back on NetForecast & never taking any responsibility for their actions. I want to push a class action suit, I dont care about losing my crappy, over priced cable. Look at the forums. Once a guy makes a complaint its shut down. No explanations from customers that say "Data usage issue solved". You SEE IT people like me that understand how much 1 TB actually is & we know its BS.Its called a monopoly. Dont EVER trust some copy & paste moderator, TRUST you're instincts, the facts online, & others who have faced the same issue. Dont you think that any software engineer, IT technician, or any geek knows what data usage means? BTW the NetForecast is a company COX hired, & their results are not that great.

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      I'm having the same thing.  Since the kids started school again our data has shot up over 50%.  There's no way that happened.  There were 5 people here with a total of about 12 devices.  Now there are three people here with 6 devices.  What can we do?

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      That's wonderful, but I know all traffic I generate have to go through my router, and it shows half what your monitor shows.  If you can tell me what I need to do to make my meter show what yours does, other than just doubling what it reads?

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        @Chorton, as your wireless router appears to be third-party equipment, we recommend you reach out to the manufacturer about the router's usage. Data usage still incurs if the content is left on overnight, even if someone is not actively watching or streaming content. Please make sure you have active malware or anti-virus software on your devices, as malware and viruses can use data without your knowledge. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    the 920k mb probably isn't real time & when you get the 920 notification, you'already over the 1024.

    are you streaming movies all the time?

    just looked, this is my info, notice, as of yesterday the 3rd.

    Usage by Modem

    My Modem
    Usage Cycle: 10/14/19-11/13/19
    Data Plan: 1024 GB
    211 GB
    Service: Cox High Speed Internet - Ultimate PackageUsage as of: 11/03/19