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4 years ago

Cox not updating firmware on router/modem

Cox is not pushing out the latest firmware to my router/modem and then wants to up charge me to fix it. I bought a brand new router/modem approved by cox and cox had to help set it up. I asked to make sure they pushed the latest firmware. A week later I am still having the same issue. They want me to add the home care package to my account and pay more money. 

Netgear has provided the latest firmware to Cox version 1.02.12 yet cox is running me in circles and will not update. C7000v2

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    techsupport tells me they do not have access that I must subscribe to Cox Complete Care to resolve an issue/service I am already paying for..

    how about letting me update my own firmare

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      This appears as if you may need someone to look into your account personally. We would definitely be able to assist you with this. Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email us at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.

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        I have sent this link to you in facebook messenger with requested information

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    It seems very unfortunate--and very unnecessary--that one should have to "jump through hoops" like this, simply to keep their modem-router's firmware kept up-to-date.  The NETGEAR C7000v2 (AC1900) modem-router has already been certified as compatible with Cox's network; therefore, why is a simple firmware update so difficult  to manage?  As far as I can tell, the firmware update primarily updates the interoperability between the C7000v2 and NETGEAR's Genie and/or Nighthawk modem-router management apps.  And if one customer is able to get the firmware pushed to their equipment, it also seems to me that we ALL should have our equipment updated, and the sooner, the better.  Cox, please update our firmware, ASAP.  Sorry to rant, but...end of rant.  (signed, a concerned C7000v2 AC1900 owner and pretty doggone loyal Cox customer, off-and-on, since 2005) 

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      Hello Saguche II
      I can definitely understand wanting to stay up-to-date on your firmware version. Cox has to test the versions of each firmware update for all models, and once we have tested the version to make sure that it works on our network, we will do a mass push. That does not guarantee that you will have the newest version, just the one that we know works on our network at the preset time. Thanks for your concern, let us know if you need any further assistance.
      Ben S.
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    that's the price you pay for providing your own equipment.

    i find it amazing how many folks here provide their own equipment, then whine to cox/forum when it doesn't work!!