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4 years ago

COX getting rid of free unlimited Data ' Says COVID is done"

My internet bill just went from 111$ a month to 201$ a month.....yes you heard that right it actually doubled....I was swindled about 4 months ago to switch to gigablast by cox when me 300/dl internet kept dcing and had slow connection because of COVID. And guess what my connection got worse after switching to Gigablast. The worse part was i had to switch to unlimited data cause my wife and I are working from home. Well this month they told me that the free unlimited data cap was going away. So my bill actually doubled. Can you imagine paying 200$ a month FOR JUST seriously wtf? The best part of everything is when you try to downgrade back to 300 down....its actually MORE expensive they the gigablast. They are 100% crooks this is a joke, I will be filing a complaint to the BBB after I send this email.