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9 months ago

Unlimited data?

I Just signed up for the 500mbps internet only package. In the information advising it is $59.99/ month, it specifically states "INCLUDES unlimited data". However, after reading deeper in the website's internet service, it starts that ALL residential internet packages come with 1.25 tb of data. With that said, which is it?  Unlimited or 1.25tb????  Thanks. 

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    Moderator is not up to date. Certain markets aren't allowing extra charge for overage(meaning it's unlimited).

    not sure if that's permanent or temporary, or will it be nationwide or just certain markets.

    copy and paste responses seem to me the only way for 99% of support staff.

  • Hi there,



    So sorry if there was any confusion!  All of our Internet customers do get 1.25 TB's of data.  I'd be more than happy to take a look at your account for you.  Please send me your full name, address and the Cox PIN.  Thanks!




  • Hi Bobby, I apologize for the confusion. All customers get 1.25 TB of data. We have two plans for folks who need more than 1.25 TB a month; an unlimited data plan and a 500 GB Additional Data Plan. That means you have 1.25 TB plus an additional 500 GB of data per month. 

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    Becky, what about the New England market, specially RI? Due to competition with other providers I thought Cox didn't enforce the 1.25TB cap?