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4 years ago

Cox Email won't authenticate with Outlook 365 or with my Google Pixel phone

This frustrating issue still hasn't been resolved with Cox in spite of a month of back and forth with Cox techs at all levels, including supposedly having "the Cox Engineers"  check that nothing is wrong at their end that is blocking our ability to connect.  We get the same error messages when trying to add cox account in Outlook 365 or on my Pixel 3 phone (Verizon) or even using Microsoft's email program that comes with Windows.  It says "something went wrong...check your email account or password".

We upgraded to Office 365 in early 2020 and all was fine until (long story) on 10/10/21 a Cox agent through Chat eliminated our email account and set up a new one after we asked if we could change our user name without losing our email.  The email was lost!   It took about a day or so, but Cox was able to delete tha2nd email account and restore our original one.  The old email account began working in Webmail, but still cannot be accessed through any other email program.     

We assumed issue must be with Outlook (which is what we first tried).  Geek Squad remoted in, couldn't fix, Microsoft tech support levels 1 & 2 tried, then we went to Cox support.  Cox Complete Care Techs couldn't fix it or figure out why not workings, so on several occasions they upgraded the request to their 2nd level support (CAG).  Finally CAG gave up trying too, told us there was definitely something blocking us from connecting and since the problem was the same not only with Outlook but also Microsofts other email program and the phone's program, it had to be on the Cox side.  They twice ended up escating the ticket to the Cox engineering group to see what on the Cox side was wrong in our account.  Both times (without telling anyone), "the Engineer" closed the ticket without solving the problem.

  Our email is visible and working in Webmail (only), which is really inadequate!    We've been full service Cox customers for decades...really unhappy now.

What's been tried:

All settings for IMAP & POP confirmed and correct  --  don't work

Cox user name and password verified and working for account and for Webmail

Other variations in settings and ports by Cox techs didn't help

Office 365/Outlook uninstalled and reinstalled

Outlook Profile changed - no difference

Password changed - no difference

Best Buy Geek Squad, Microsoft Tech Support and tech support agents at Cox have said issue must be on the Cox side somewhere.  Needs advanced technical suppot...which we don't seem to getting.

A customer service tech originally caused the problem (didn't seem to know that by changing the user name for the email account you are setting up a new email account and the old email won't be will be lost.  It isn't right that Cox seems to be throwing up its hands and saying we don't know what is the problem with email not working now, but nothing more we can do.    Help!

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