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4 years ago

Cox Communications deliberately limiting max upload speeds to 10 Mbps?

Just wanted to verify, as it seems many Cox customers are currently experiencing similar issues that I have been having. We have been paying for the Gigablast service since April, and things were mostly fine, with Download at 900-940 Mbps and Upload at 25-35 Mbps (accounting for fluctuations). I was very excited to finally have nice internet, and I did the research for a good modem and router that would match. Speeds were great with only minor interruptions.

About a month and a half ago, however, our internet download speeds dropped significantly to DL 200-350 Mbps and UL 0.5 - 8 Mbps (sometimes 0). The download I could work with, I understand the increased loads due to Covid-19, but the upload speeds have been kicking me from work meetings, games and streams, and sometimes I'm not even able to load webpages. With our internet fluctuating, the 8 Mbps UL frequently drops to zero, which appears to be causing the disconnects when I monitor it.

Every time I contact support, I get a different answer as to what the problems may be, but they usually end up with telling me my equipment is bad, and that I should pay for the Panoramic Wifi box. As easy a fix as that sounds, the forums cover that the Panoramic boxes are having the same exact issues, so most likely I'd end up paying more, for the same performance or worse.

To add to my skepticism, though, I have had technicians come out twice to look at the box on the outside of my house, and each time, the speeds return to normal for about a day, which informs me that my equipment is likely not the fault. The last technician mentioned that my house is located at the end of a line, and that the entire line may be experiencing issues, and that he would try and reach out for a fix. When I let support know, they still insist that I just need to upgrade to the Panoramic Wifi, and all of my problems will vanish. Not likely.

I've been doing some digging, and I came across this article recently, which conveys that Cox has been limiting max upload speeds to 10 Mbps for all users in certain neighborhoods, primarily to reduce the congestion that Cox Communications have been encountering since the start of Covid-19. Check out the link below if you want, or just "google cox limiting upload speeds" if you don't trust the link.

Interestingly enough, the timelines in the articles (Near the beginning of June) almost directly coincide with the time my upload speeds began dropping dramatically. I have not been able to find additional articles corroborating this story (aside from articles that reference this one), so I was hoping to try and confirm the information in the article through Cox directly. If this is truly the case, I would just like it to be confirmed so I can stop tearing my hair out or wasting money looking for a fix. 

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    Here's the e-mail they sent me.  I'm bummed because it's after July 15th, and I'm still capped.  It's significantly affecting how I work.  And, I like how they give a one-time $20 credit, but take 2/3 of my upload capactiy.

    Helping you stay connected

    During these unprecedented times, many people are working and schooling from home, and maintaining connectivity is important. We’ve noticed much higher Internet usage in your neighborhood lately, and we are taking extra steps to enable a better Internet experience for everyone. To help with this, we’ve temporarily adjusted your Internet upload speeds from 35 Mbps to 10 Mbps, now through July 15, 2020. For this change, you will see a one-time credit of $20 on your statement after May 11, 2020. We’ll continue to monitor and evaluate our network, and keep you updated on future adjustments. We will automatically move your upload speed back to 35 Mbps. We hope this temporary change will help make staying home easier for everyone.

    No need to do a thing. Your credit will be applied automatically. Check your bill anytime on the Cox app or by visiting My Account.

    Learn how to get the most from your wifi

    Check out this helpful guide for tips on how to maximize wifi speed and performance across your home. View Wifi Masterlist.

    Thanks for your understanding during these unusual times. Read about our coronavirus response efforts and access online resources to help manage your services here.

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      That is what I feared. I just wish that Cox Communications would notify all of their customers that their upload speeds are being reduced, but that would probably mean that they would have to offer credits to everyone, which would mean reduced profit.

      Had you reached out to them at all before regarding your speeds? Or did you just receive the email out of the blue?