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5 years ago

Cox Business Internet Service Speeds and Cap in San Diego

Setting up a work from home office and looking at Cox Business Internet - 50 50x10 Mbps vs upgrading to the residential  300x30 Mbps plan? Need a reliable 10 Mpbs up vs the 6-7-8 Mpbs up we get with residential residential 150x10 Mbps plan. Is the Business plan any more reliable or closer to advertised speeds?

Business .50 Mbps and 1 voice line 50x10 Mbps is $99.00/mo with a 36 month agreement vs residential residential 300x30 Mbps that's $99.00/mo plus cost of phone. Company will reimburse up to $75 mothly for home office internet phone. Like to stay around $100 a month plus taxes and Business 200x20 plus phone would put use close to $200.

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