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Cox back at it with the packetloss for the 100th time...

Packetloss is back again, and the opposite is happening with my motivation to stay with cox communications. Been having this issue for almost 4 years now, Packetloss comes, then after a few weeks of complaining it gets temporary fixed for it to then just break again a month or two later. I have filed FCC complaint after FCC complaint, thousands of emails sent, and I always get thrown back to step 1. And other providers in my area are probably just as worse, so it's either this or the worse providers.
I have had over a hundred line crew/techs over to my house in the past 3 years. it's getting old really really fast.
I'm just hoping the right tech support agent see this and hopefully does something.

Just if this has anything to do with it my Router is a Netgear Nighthawk R7200, and modem is a Arris SB6183. Will attach modem signals too just in case.

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