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4 years ago

Constant disconnects

After 10 years of service at this address with hardly any problems, in the last several weeks my connection drops constantly and I've been having to reboot my modem five or six times a day.  Cox sent a tech out a couple of weeks ago and he verified the cable from the alley pedestal to the drop on my house was fine.  Since then, I've

Replaced the modem
Swapped the router with a known good one
Connected devices directly to the modem bypassing the router
Replaced the cable from the drop at the side of my house to the modem (high grade quad shield RG6, not the junk they sell at Home Depot)

none of which has made any difference.

Modem signal levels and SNR all look good (24x DS channels all -2 to .5, SNR 39-41, US 5x channels 47-48), event log shows multiple T3/T4 timeouts, retries exceeded etc.. At this point, having ruled out my stuff and the cable to the pedestal, this is almost certainly being caused by something farther up in the plant, and something that Cox engineering needs to look at.  Anybody know how to escalate something like this?  I really don't have the patience to go through their tier 1 techs and explain everything for what will now be the third time.

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  • Talon51,

    I suggest scheduling another tech to come out. Here's why... the tech has the ability to assess the issues affecting your services and either resolve them or escalate them. The tech can contact his supervisor or teammates if he needs additional assistance. And, if he thinks there is a larger issue affecting your service he can input an escalation ticket. The tech can discuss the next steps to resolution and give you his contact information so you can be notified if needed.

    Reach out to us through Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email us at

    Please include a link to your message in this thread.

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    Mike J.
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