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4 years ago

Constant Disconnections

I have been dealing with constant disconnections from my ISP (Cox) for some time now. Approximately 6 months ago I replaced my modem/router with a new 24x8 Docsis 3.0 Cox approved unit (I paid $160+). It seems the disconnections become more frequent as time moves forward to the point I have to manually reboot my modem/router every morning to ensure my elementary aged child can have a full class time with his teacher. In general some weeks are ok, other weeks not good.

Given the circumstances my child is remote learning with having his 70+ old grandmother overseeing him while I'm at work. If I don't reboot the modem/router every morning before I leave for work, my son is likely to get knocked out of class. When this happens I come home for lunch and reboot the unit, he's able to return if there's more class time to attend to.

I'm on the Preferred 150 Internet Service plan, and don't understand why the constant growing problems over the last 18 months (give or take).

I've relocated my modem/router to where the connection is literally less than 5 feet from where it goes into the ground, and from there less than 25 feet where the cable enters my property. Yet when I telephone with these disconnection issues, it's the same routine. Reboot the modem/router. Perhaps they reassign a new IP address. Eventually it comes back up. But the constant hassle to telephone in, wait, and wait, than talk with a tech going through the same process over and over again... that's my own time being taken away for a service I pay for. And than there's when they advise they can have a tech come out but it's going to cost you to replace the splitter? I swapped it out for a coax barrel connector so there's no point. As well I've done speed tests and service is great when it works.

As well I've reviewed the event log for the modem/router as well (For your viewing pleasure of an incident a week ago today where it cycled 13 times the same issue):

Time Priority Description
Mon Oct 05 11:36:41 2020 Critical (3) Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, But no Unicast Maintenance opportunities received - T4 time out;
Mon Oct 05 11:38:47 2020 Critical (3) Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging - No Response received - T3 time-out;
Mon Oct 05 11:39:24 2020 Critical (3) Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, But no Unicast Maintenance opportunities received - T4 time out;
Mon Oct 05 11:40:27 2020 Critical (3) Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging - No Response received - T3 time-out;

After reviewing the event log entries, could someone advise what's being entered above?

Is it still the modem's fault (and not Cox's as the tech's tell me)?

I'm about to upgrade my network to a commercial grade hardware (bringing my work to my home, already paid $360+ and I'm not done yet). I did have Netgear brand modem/router, I now have Motorola. Is there's another preferred modem from the approved Cox certified cable modems list that talks with the Cox network better? (i.e.

In summation, I need to know what is required to get a constant uninterrupted service from Cox? I don't want to even think about Gigablast or any other service. I've been with Cox for over 2 decades (I don't have any other option in my location that amazingly enough how it is when you buy a home in a good neighborhood). With the intervention of the internet with daily work, entertainment and requirements to have internet with employment this service is disrupting my family's well being and who would be happy with these circumstances?

Seeking advice, thank you in advance.

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    Cox chat support always blames the modem but it's almost never the modem. From those logs you probably need a Cox tech to look at it. If they say it will be a $75 charge if they find a problem in your equipment, ask yourself this. Is it worth paying $75 to get it fixed? And besides they almost never charge the $75 fee anyway.

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    Dave is correct in that they ALWAYS blame the modem and tell you to contact the Manufacturer.(not just me, other fam members homes also) And no offense to CS techs, but we know the routine, we know you have scripts to follow, but spending hours going step by step with you to just be handed this answer every time is quite annoying!

    I have had a problem for months(almost a yr) where mine resets itself at least once a day...but more often several times a day. I have same 150 preferred. One family member was told by cust service, that for whatever reason sometimes changing your routers password helps. I tried that and oddly it has for me. Instead of several times a day, might reduce to once a day or every couple of days. HTHs

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    Can Cox customers (or techs) advise what brand of modem they're using, along with their experience with said modem?

    I am considering (after more research) to use a power outlet cycler where it reboots your modem (or anything plugged into it) daily at a set time to best resolve this issue.

    Thanks for the heads up Pinks with resetting password for the WiFi network(s). Will give it a go at it and we'll see what happens. Not sure why this is as I have a hard-line setup as well a WiFi with the same issue of losing connection.

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      I use an Arris SB8200. Never had a problem with it. I've had several Cox outages and problems but none were caused by the modem. You should never need to power cycle your modem on a regular basis to maintain a connection.