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6 years ago

Consistent outages

Why does the service in my area keep going out at or near them same time every darn day?  No one in customer service knows what to do and I can't get an answer as to why this keeps happening...

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    Sounds like maybe you've gotten nowhere with Tier 1 support.   If so, ask for Tier 2 the next time you contact Internet Support.   When you are transferred to Tier 2, ask the individual who answers for their name and then be sure to ask if they are Tier 2.   Also, asking to speak with a Tier 2 supervisor is a next option after that.  Good luck.

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    Where are you? When this happened to my Cox TV service in Las Vegas it was traced to a signal distributor that was getting cooked by the sun in the summer.

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      Yup, I'm in Las Vegas.  I've had Cox service for over 10 years (cable, internet, phone an home security).  I'll definitely ask for tier 2 because this is ridiculous.  It was happening around 4 pm, but yesterday and today it's out at 1:00 (i'm working from my mobile hot spot).