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4 years ago

How do non Cox guests use my WiFi is the gateway won't allow a guest network?

Are there ways for guests to log onto my home network and avoiding giving out my password key?

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    Try connecting your secondary network router to your primary cable modem that has wifi enabled. However; you need to buy your own router. You can connect a 3rd party wiress router to your modem with an eithernet cable.

    Here's how I set up my guest wireless network:

    First, I reset my Linksys router what I've currently own. I logged into my router and configure my wifi router to create a wifi name and password. For this instance; examplename_guests. I usuallyset my guest wifi with a password for public use. I use WPA2/PSK to secure a guest wifi network.

    Next, I test the guest network to confirm is an internet signal is present. Once the internet is accessed, the guest network is ready to use.

    Things you'll need:

    - Your own wifi router to be configured for guests

    - A primary cable mobem to connect your wireless router to

    - An eithernet cable

    - Your computer connected to a roughter being configured for setting up a guest wifi.


    If you have wireless routers cascaded around your home, and you configured each router to have a same name and password; you might need to add a dedicated router for guests, rather than a standard internal guest wifi setup with each router. If you have a spare eithernet port on your modem; use it. Even setting up a guest wifi for non-subscribers always help.

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        I do have a panoramic wifi modem too, but I used these ethernet ports to daisy chain my secondary router.

        Here's what I did:

        First, I configured my unused Linksys wifi router.

        Next, I attach an ethernet cable to my panoramic router's WAN ports below 2 phone jacks.

        Next, I test my secondary network to confirm if my router is working.

        Next, I tested my guest network what I've implemented. I set my secondary router name with a "Guests" suffix after an underscore symbol.

        I replaced my Linksys's firmware with DDWRT to get the most from my router.

        I've also set my router to a specific location of my apartment.

        Do you really have a secondary router what you can use to expand your network.

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      Really?! If you are this trusting, then I bet your home network has an easy password that can be penetrated in minutes. That is not a wise thing to do when there are programs that make it easy for hackers to steal info. Your "guest" may be ok, but what about your neighbors or their "guests". I would not be so foolish if I were you. But to each their own.