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7 years ago

Consistent outages

Why does the service in my area keep going out at or near them same time every darn day?  No one in customer service knows what to do and I can't get an answer as to why this keeps happening...  Several customer service supervisors "put in an inquiry" and someone would "call in a day or two" calls, no updates and no fixes.  If ANYONE at Cox can help me please reach out. 

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    Whats sort of issues have you been experiencing and what time do they seem to be occurring?

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      Cable, internet, phone and home security all go out.  Was happening around 4pm for the last two weeks.  It's now starting around 1pm..."Customer Service" is no help at all.  I'm supposed to get several call backs from superiors, but I'm sure you know the outcome the that.  I'm must hoping that a Cox employee reviews these posts and tries to help out.  I'm probably switching all of my services to ATT/Direct Tv.

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        Hi Dhinskey, you spoke with David of our California executive resolution team on 7/6/18. Was he able to provide any insight into what's happening? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator