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6 years ago

Connection Stability Issues

I'm having connection hiccups at certain times in the day that last 10-15 seconds. This started happening a few months ago. Before then, with the same setup this issue never occurred. A technician came out to test the router and signal strength, everything appeared okay. We both came to the conclusion that there could be a bandwidth bottleneck in my area.This is mainly noticeable using things that need constant connectivity ( VOIP calls, games, etc ) My question is, if this is the case, what steps can I take to have cox fix this? This is very unsatisfactory service as it is.

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  • Hi Yungsuavesebastian, welcome to the Cox Forums! Your modem is reporting packet loss. Are there any splitters or extra connectors on the coax cable that connect the modem/gateway to the cable outlet? Re-seat the coax by unscrewing the cable from the back of the modem and then screwing it back on. If the hiccups continue, I suggest trying a different modem/gateway. Since you use a Cox gateway, you can bring the gateway (and the power cord) to a Cox Solutions Store and swap it for a different device for no charge. If the issue continues, or if you prefer to have a Cox tech install a new gateway for you, I suggest a service call. If you'd like my team to schedule an appointment for you, email us at -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator