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2 months ago

ConnectAssist Plan doesn't include access to Panoramic Wifi App.

I've been with Cox for many years. Previously I was on the 100 download plan for $50. which used one of the Technicolor gateways. I loved using the Panoramic Wifi app. Now that I'm retired my income is low enough that I qualify for the ConnectAssist Plan, still at 100 download, but for $30, so a little less expensive. I was required swap out the Technicolor gateway for an Arris TG1682G gateway, which also supports Panoramic Wifi. But, after setting things up, I was very surprised to find that I can't use the Panoramic Wifi app with the ConnectAssist Plan, as I was tersely told by the lady from Cox who called after a Ticket was submitted. Hmm

I have to wonder why use of the Panoramic Wifi app was revoked from people with the ConnectAssist Plan. The Arris gateway is able to work with it. Is the use of the app somehow expensive for Cox? Or maybe us poor folk don't have the skills to use the app. Maybe Cox didn't want to put in the effort so discounters can use the app because we just don't deserve it? I would just like to know.

Whatever the reason may be, it sticks in my craw and it really isn't a good look for Cox.

Alright, I'm done talking. My question is, does anyone know if the Cox lady who called me is correct -- the Panoramic Wifi App doesn't work on the ConnectAssist plan? And if that's true, why is it that way.



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  • Hi Mattamx, welcome to the Cox Forums! And thank you for your post today. I'm glad that you are taking advantage of the ConnectAssist program. I apologize for the misinformation we've provided regarding your question about accessing the Cox Panoramic Wifi App while subscribing to the ConnectAssist Internet tier. I can imagine you might feel like a ping pong ball at the moment; a confused and irritated ping pong ball. I'd probably feel the same way! The agent who called you is correct. ConnectAssist customers do not have access to the Cox Panoramic Wifi App. I know you were hoping for a different answer. I'm sorry! I don't know why ConnectAssist customers don't have access to the app. I value your business and appreciate your point of view. I've forwarded your post to our leadership teams so your voice will be heard! I hope you'll stick with us and stay tuned. Things are always changing, and it's possible that app access may be something reviewed and changed in the future.

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      Thanks for replying. As I said before, I can't think of any good reason why ConnectAssist customers shouldn't have access to the app. But, maybe there is a reason. I appreciate you getting back to me.

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    you can go to and login to the router, and do whatever needs to be done. BTW, the TG1682 is a better router. It's actually got a more powerful wifi signal. 

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      I did try going to 192 but I couldn't get in. I tried every suggested default login I could find but none worked. Even if I could access it, I still would prefer to have the app. 

      The Arris is just as fast and quieter than the Technicolor. Thank you, I do appreciate your suggestion.