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4 years ago

Congestion and throttling.

Oh boy. Where do I start? About a month ago, or month and a half, I started getting terrible quality internet. I have Gigablast, I usually average 400-500 down and 20-30 up during peak hours. 750-800 down and ~35 up off peak. This time I had 260 down and.....wait for it.....0.01 up. Completely renders internet unusable. First thing I did was restart my modem and router. It had been a while. No change. Hmm. Okay. Maybe there is an outage. Checked the app (because apparently you can't do it on the web, and how could you with garbage internet?), no outages in my area. Fiddled around with it some more, and I decided to bite the bullet and call Cox. Oh, sir, have you tried resetting your router and modem? Naw, I've just been throwing rocks at my network. We are detecting some packet loss on your end, can't be our network, it's never on our end. We will refresh your modem, maybe that will help. How old is your modem and router? Not old, both are under a year old (I buy my own equipment - Docsis 3.1 modem that's on the approved list and google WiFi Mesh). Are you doing your speedtest directly at the modem? Yes. Oh, sir, I see an outage in you area now. I open the app, and now it's there. Alright, I'll just wait it out. Did other things and slept and had normal access the next day. Issue randomly persisted, tried running traceroutes, timeouts at hops, packet loss. Had this happen 8 times in one month.

Decided to call again. No outages in app. 

Have you tried resetting your modem and router? Huff. Yes, yes I did. We aren't detecting any problems on our end. I can try refreshing your modem. You can, I just don't think that will change anything. I've already done this once in the past week. I asked if there is throttling in the area or congestion. Technician dances around first question, and says there could be congestion (as if you don't know? or can't find out?) in the area. We really need to reset our modem and router to see if they area causing the problem. Look, I've already tried that, before I even called you. It made no change 10 minutes ago, and I've got some pretty serious doubts it will change it now. But, I'll humor you and we can refresh the modem. And what a surprise, no change. Can you send a technician out to look at it? Sure, but it will be a 75 dollar service charge if it is inside the home (technician is completely convinced it is my hardware). Yeah bud, at this point, I really don't care. I'll pay a 75 dollar fee if it fixes my internet. I really don't believe it is my hardware. Works perfectly fine the other 18-odd hours of the day. 

Technician shows. Seems confused about what I want him to do. I just want you to check for issues, you know, troubleshoot. If you don't find anything, you don't find anything. He finds a little ingress, makes some changes to remedy it, but says it is negligible, and likely not affecting me negatively to a great extent. Ok cool, well thanks, hopefully that fixes my issues. It doesn't. If anything, it has been happening more lately. Decided to upgrade my router (I disliked not being able to change certain settings with google wifi), and at the same time, possibly eliminate network issues. Installed a new one, ax and backwards compatible, connected with cat6 cable. Yesterday, Oct 27, 2020 at ~4:00p.m, I had a paltry 170 down and 0.00 up with the new router. Checked the app, outage in area...estimated repair time- 10:10p.m.

Lovely. I guess I'll just use my phone hotspot, because apparently that is more reliable than the 100 dollar a month internet I pay for. I sign up for updates via app and check for updates as the night goes on. No remedy. Go to work the following day (today the 28th) and while there pull a speedtest remotely: Down:851.48 Mbps - Up: 37.23 Mbps - Ping: 8ms. Great. Glad I can get what I pay for while I'm not at home. Arrive home with fingers crossed, and am able to use internet for about an hour before it goes to **. So peak hours makes my internet completely unusable.

I'm sooo glad my fiancée doesn't have to do work, and I don't have to do homework....oh wait...we do. But we can't.

This has happened 17 times in a month and a half. I am thoroughly fed up with this nonsense. Moreover, I'm tired of being told to reset my hardware like it's a revolutionary technique for internet repair, and the insistence about it. If the customer informs you they have already done that before calling you, move on to the next step. Check the customer call history and notes. 

Lastly, a couple of clarifications: As far as throttling goes, I don't care to be throttled, at long as my internet is still usable. I understand network congestion happens, we can't all have large piece of pie. I get it. But 0.01 upload?! 


An incredibly patient, but extremely aggravated and angry Cox customer

P.S. - Writing this using my phone hotspot because my home internet can't be bothered to work properly. 

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  • OHMYGOSH! I have been having the same issue!!! I even bought a new router because they said mine was old & I upgraded but GUESS what! next day, no internet signal for like 2 hours!!! I have been calling & chatting with the represenatives and I know it isn't their fault but it is frusterating. They just want to keep sending a tech to charge us. I also keep having to use my hotspot. My issue has not been resolved. 

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    Same issues here. Been way more than a month and a half though.  Its obviously cox issues, but the refuse to admit it or fix anything. And it's all day. Brand new modem and router...still having the same problems. Expert router setup and optimization....same problems. Direct connect to guessed it, same problems.

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      Where you located cause I’m in the 70518 Broussard area?

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    Where are all you from? I'm in AZ and our internet has been finicky for the past few months. Been through that whole thing about reset the modem, oh and it's old and you probably need a new one... Which I got uppity with the rep about cause you don't just replace $100+ thing just because it's old. Had a tech come out a week after we scheduled, he re-crimped some coax ends, and actually made it worse. I think either their network gear is over saturated or having issues in some way and don't want to admit it. We pay for 300mbps and right now I'm getting 74mbps... I work in IT and I get it, but you should probably just be real and explain the issues you are facing and not hiding it.

    We actually have two cable modems in this house, one is brand new, both running off of the same coax from cox and both experiencing issues so no it's not my equipment...

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      The thing is, if Cox were to come out and directly admit that their network is oversaturated and can't provide the promised level of service, they could be open to a lawsuit for selling a product they can't deliver. I think this is why you'll never see a blanket statement about it. But you should also check your signals and logs for any potential connection problems. It's quite possible that your issue could be the result of a defect in the network that can be easily repaired.

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      I'm sorry to hear you've had this experience. Are you having more trouble with speed, or connectivity? Do the speeds fluctuate? -Nichole
  • Hello dreamofhabit,

    We absolutely want to return to help identify what could be impacting your speeds. There isn't a congestion or utilization issue reported in your area at this time, though I see there were outage alerts in your area previously cleared for ingress investigations. Ingress can impact speeds, connection, and make for an off and on issue. If the issue is happening during peak hours, then this is a concern that we would need to reserve a service appointment for to look into if it's possible ingress, utilization, or congestion issues. Please email us at with your complete address, name, and a copy of this forum link from your address bar.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    I am also having speed issues in Arizona.

    • My Netgear CAX80 modem/router is maxing out around 400 Mbps on hardwired connections. 
    • I have been working with Netgear support due to frequent disconnect and they said "Our engineering team found that Cox’s CMTS frequently performs load balancing which is not common and it may affect CAX80." 
    • I've had techs out twice to check the line, but nothing has improved. The last one installed a 10db attenuator to improve the upstream power levels, but that did not change the max speeds.
    Thank you,
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      We have received your email and replied back.

      Jonathan J
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  • Wow, you addresses the anger and frustration of every Cox customer. Last month we had issues with buffering at least 15 or more times a day. Cox is really quick to ask how old your equipment is etc. just like you stated, and for them to charge $75 for a service, call is  a little steep. I don’t have another provider to go to otherwise I would.