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My Android streaming devices have been blocked from the Internet for several months. I've also been locked out of all COX domains for several months, even though I've been making my high monthly payments. I've received 403 Access Denied, Error 15, Error 16, but no help is accessible. I've called "Technical Support," but they are not able to assist me. I had called day after day for a week, only to receive one person on the fifth day, who was able to "escalate" my issue. I received internet for one day only and then I was locked out from the Internet and It seems that they do not want me to make my online payments, but this is just not right because I have a mobility disability that makes it difficult to drive to the store to make a payment. I also had to change all of my important contacts to a different email address because I haven't been able to access my emails. It's still hit and miss as to whether I can connect. But, no compensation has been given. They've even charged back an ACP discount of $30! If anyone at Cox is able to assist, please contact me, but not by email 😞!

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    Like WMO asks, are you using a VPN. Doing so almost guarantees you problems. Also, if they charged you back 30$, it means the government rescinded the payment.