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26 days ago

Chat assist is horrible!

I had to use chat assist during non business hours to try and fix a billing issue. The first live chat agent got all my information and never came back. That was over 30 minutes of letting them chat ridiculous things like virtual high fives and just jibber jabber. The second live representative again got all my information and took well over 30 mins. Writing 2 and 3 paragraph responses of irrelevant information. Sid she was taking care of the issue, had me go in the system and put my debit card on file to make the promise to pay. Set up the promise to pay, then told me at the end even though the promise to pay places that my services would remain suspended. And basically called me a liar when I told her I added my debit card. I even suggested she allow me to upload a screenshot of it being added to my account since she kept saying she couldn't see it. Then gave me a huge response telling me to call back and disconnected. This is horrible customer service! When you start outsourcing your customer service to overseas, you lose quality and genuine care. They dont care about your service or your customers! Cox cable should!

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  • pcolawoman32507  Sorry to hear that this experience was so poor.  Please send me an email and include your full name and address.  You can send that email to  Please also include a link to this Forums post.  Thanks!  

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    I could not agree more. Any attempt to utilize the chat service has ended with no solution, a transfer that never connects (I cap my wait at 30 min), or a lengthy exchange of rephrasing the problem because the agent doesn't understand simple English. Don't get me started on "Oliver". Useless. On a positive note, a few times I got lucky and got a CSR that was SO wonderful I almost forgot about my 90% awful experiences.  Sadie in Oklahoma was one of the best CSR's I have ever had. I wish they would promote her as a national trainer with a big pay increase. She deserves some recognition. Important to note that I got her through the CS phone number. Every online chat has been an epic fail. Unfortunately, my employment does not always allow a regular business hour phone call. So I keep giving it a shot. Last night was my final attempt. After being charged for my disconnected mobile service, this agent all but argued with me that I didn't need to talk to mobile billing because I had disconnected it, but they could not help me address the charge, as I was talking to internet billing. Hour and a half 9f my life I can never get back.

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      Hello. For account and/or billing concerns, I recommend sending an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this concern to