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4 years ago

Chandler, AZ Jitter/Packet Loss


Over the last several weeks, I have been experiencing significant jitter/packet loss on my connection in Chandler, AZ 85248.  It is causing my work VPN to disconnect, stutter/slow buffering in video streams, and makes online games virtually unplayable.  This is especially noticeable during prime time hours, but tapers off at night, which to me clearly signifies the problem is due to load (over utilization) within Cox's infrastructure.  I have done all the basic troubleshooting from my side -- rebooted/isolated modem, hard wired in, tried different computers, etc.  I have done some basic pings/traceroutes and the problem is noticeable even within the first hop in Cox's network, which in my case is  For example, even to this first hop, I will see pings constantly jittering anywhere from ~10 to 400 ms with time outs mixed in.

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  • Hello Cherryum,

    I understand this issue you're seeing has impacted your connection to your work VPN and gaming outside of that as well. There hasn't been any tickets opened for investigating a utilization or congestion issue in your area. There hasn't been any packet loss detected when pinging the equipment, though if this is an issue that presents itself to you at off and on times or during a particular time of day, then we may need to look at this at the time you experience the issue. We may need to reserve a service appointment for a date and time-frame you experience the issue most, so we can look into this further on our side. With the coronavirus, we're still able to send a technician to troubleshoot outside, though cannot enter the home until that restriction is lifted. You may email us at with your account information, a link to this forums, and include attachments of your pings.


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    Chandler is highly oversaturated. File with the FCC/FTC/AZ AG as they oversold the area and your CMTS (10.28.x.x) is overloaded with no available upstream bandwidth causing latency and packet loss. They willingly oversubscribed and now need to do node splits to correct the issue which will take months due to city permits, equipment purchase, contracting, etc. File complaints with the FCC/FTC/AZ AG and then find a new ISP if you don't want to wait months paying full price for service you can't use.