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2 years ago

Can't report/see outages, what's up?

Another Cox outage here, (Norther VA customer) but when I login, the website is not taking outage reports or showing status. Instead there's just a static page with "We are doing all that we can to restore our systems, but we are currently having technical issues."

Anyone know what's going on?!

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  • Hello Dlarkin-Dc,

    I am truly sorry to hear that you are experiencing an interruption in your service and are not able to see an update. I always recommend going to or through the Cox App for outage updates. You can also email my team at with your name, address, and a link to this thread, and we will be happy to check on any outage updates for you.

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    I see from your DSLReports post that the outage reporting system is back up. Thanks for the heads up.