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5 years ago

Cannot receive Microsoft account verification code in my Cox Webmail

I have tried every way possible to receive my Microsoft Office 365 verification code in my Cox Webmail to no avail. Tested sending and receiving to and from my Cox Webmail with no other noted issues. What could be causing this?


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    I'm having the same issue. I know that the issue is specific to Cox email accounts because I am able to replicate the issue across 2 different email accounts. The security code is supposed to come from However, the email is never received. Checked Spam and Junk folders - nothing there. Checked via WebMail and MS Outlook desktop application (to rule out issues specific to the desktop application) - same result, no password reset email in sight. But this only happens with Cox email accounts. I have my gmail account linked to a Microsoft account, and I clicked the option to reset the password on that Microsoft account, and it came through just fine through Gmail's mail servers. But with Cox, it doesn't come through. So I reached out to Microsoft, and they asked me to check with Cox to make sure that the following Microsoft SMTP server addresses are whitelisted by Cox:

    Microsoft SMTP server IP addresses:

    I called Cox and they said a network engineer would get back to me, but I have not received a call. If Cox adds the above SMTP servers to their whitelist, as well as senders with the domain, I think this will resolve the issue. I appreciate your help in this matter, and I'm sure everyone who has a Microsoft account linked to a Cox email address will too.

    Note: To replicate the issue, all you have to do is go to, enter your Cox email account that you signed up to link to a Microsoft account, click Next, then click "Forgot password?". Then click "Next" to request that a reset code be sent to your email address. It'll say "We just sent a code to *", but the email is never received.

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      Hello, this case has been escalated, and our Social Media Department will be closely monitoring this until the ticket is closed. For further assistance, please reach out to us at, Facebook or Twitter. We're sorry to learn about the ongoing email issues. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Hi ssalem6154,

      We received an update from our internal escalation team that a few more pieces of information are needed in order to investigate your issue. Please send us an email to with your full name, the affected email address, method of sending (Webmail or email client), your IP address and dates/times. We look forward to hearing from you.


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    Hi Bonnie, some time ago we updated our email server settings. Please review this link to ensure your settings are up to date. Have you tried checking to see if it possibly went to the Cox SPAM/JUNK folder? -Carol
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      That's not the issue she's reporting. She specifically said she can't receive verification codes from Microsoft at her Cox email address. I'm having the same issue and just made a forum posting a few minutes ago.

      For example: When setting up a Microsoft Outlook email account, it'll ask for a different email address to use to verify you're the owner of the Outlook account, if you should ever lose your password or have security issues. She & I are trying to use our Cox email addresses as the recovery account Microsoft can send those emails to. But those emails aren't being received by our Cox accounts. Cox is blocking those emails from Microsoft and/or Office for some reason. 

      This needs to be resolved by Cox so that they stop blocking legitimate & important security emails from MS, Office, and Outlook.

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    Read my reply to the post after yours. Probably same solution to his problem. Need to reset outlook password to the same as Cox Webmail password.